• “I was a grandmother raising my daughter’s children when I got injured, lost my job and began living out of my car. One day I drove past Desert Winds and I thought it looked really nice and wouldn’t hurt to just ask about rent.  I called and a lady came immediately to show me the property. I told her I didn’t have a job yet or cash or savings.

    When she found out I had grandkids she showed me a three-bedroom. I told her I may or may not have a paycheck anytime soon and she said no problem, just take it. They worked with what I was able to get paid and it was such an answer to prayer!

    I now live in Senior Housing at TMM and my daughter, who has been sober now for four years, has moved into Family Journey with my three grandkids.  Now my daughter can actually pay rent and get on top of her bills. TMM gave her and my grandkids stability and support; when we had nothing they helped us.

    TMM opens their arms to you and your children and help with everything. As a grandmother, as a parent, this was the best, most awesome thing for our whole family.”

    – Paloma
  • I was a concrete foreman before I got injured and ended up on social security. I bought my home back in 2005 and last year I realized I needed help fixing up my home or I would be forced to leave. The roof was collapsing in on me and there were leaks and issues with the plumbing. I didn’t want to leave but I would’ve had to if I couldn’t at least replace the roof.

    A friend of mine came across the TMM website and told me to apply for the Whole Home Rehab program. When they say Whole Home Rehab they mean it because basically everything was redone! TMM ended up replacing the roof and popcorn ceilings, put in double pane windows, new gutters, and stucco over the panel wood siding. They replaced the bathroom vanities with all new plumbing in both the master and guest bathroom as well as adding a new hot water heater. The furnace was replaced and they added air conditioning (home was on swamp cooler before). They added ceramic tile in bathrooms, dining, living room and kitchen.

    Working with TMM was just the best experience. In four weeks they changed my life! I was at my wits end and now I am happy again!

    – Calvin
  • I have had the most tremendously assuring sense of satisfaction knowing my mother lives here in the new senior village and it has been an incomparable opportunity for both our respective independences. I have to say that I have never found a better fit with more understanding and patient staff, even with more difficult clients. They are truly pious and nonjudgmental people here to help if you want it.

    Home is beautiful and staff is responsive, quick and respectful. Never happier finding another place for my mother to live! Thank you, TMM!

    – Adam
  • “It’s invaluable to be able to offer this to our clients since it’s the one thing we don’t offer. They (TMM Family Services) do a great job and we don’t want to duplicate services but rather work together to provide wraparound services for our clients.”
    – Tim Kromer (Interfaith Community Services)
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